"Quick-Link" Quick Reference

CodeBench Quick-Link window This is where the user can gain fast access to functions, bookmarks, and other code objects in the currently active source file.

For the purposes of this text we shall use the term "Functions", but that can equally apply to " procedures" or "sub-routines", whatever they may be classed as in the target language of the project. Functions are automatically detected within the source file, and a list is generated and displayed here. By clicking on the name of the function, the cursor is instantly placed at the beginning (or definition) of that function. Also supported is the ability for the user to place "bookmarks" within the source files much like placing a marker between the pages of a book. These bookmarks are shown in their respective section, and may be placed anywhere in a file the user desires. Ideally, but not necessarily, the marker should be on a line of its own, and any text placed after it forms the identity of the bookmark as shown in the list.




User defined Bookmarks

Bookmarks are, as the name suggests, a way to mark a place in a text file so that it can be easily located or revisited. Bookmarks can also be shown with their line numbers from the Preferences editor.

The bookmark identifier is set to defaults depending on which type of project currently being worked on, but to avoid any conflicts with the syntax of the code, the identifiers are definable from the Project Information window.

The colours of the functions and bookmarks can be changed to suit a users requirements also from the Preferences editor.

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Live Update

Quick-Link Display Sometimes, it can be very easy to get lost in a source file that contains long functions, so to make this easier the "Quick-Link" window will provide a live update on the current cursor position. Placing the cursor inside a function within the source file will cause that function to become highlighted with a white background. As you move the cursor around within the source file, you will see the highlighted function change as you switch from one to another, and this provides a very simple visual indication of which particular function is being worked on at any one time.

The Help Hints in this window will show the prototype if over a function, or the line number if over a bookmark.

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The Quick-Link window can show a variety of information about the current file in the editor. Depending on the type of project (or file) being worked on, the entries shown will vary, but we will cover at least bookmarks and functions (if the source semantics allow them).

For example, a C/C++ file will show classes, structures, unions, enumerations and other types of useful links to source code objects. A PHP or HTML script can show Javascript or PHP functions as well as CSS style sheets, etc.

Please refer to the relevant documentation for the plugin to see just what kind of objects can be shown in the "Quick-Link" window.

There may be times where you need to close this window to make room on the screen. In this case, simply click the close gadget. The window may be opened at any time by selecting the Windows/Quick-Link menu item. Each of the sections can be collapsed as required and may be useful if your source files contain lots of functions, bookmarks etc. CodeBench will remember the state of each section when the project is saved, and can also be set as a default in the project settings.

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"Quick-Link" Search function

The search system runs in different ways depending on which window it was launched from, and the Quick-Link window will tell the search system to search the currently active file for your required criteria. More information about all the functions of the search system can be found here.

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